The Navigation Palace, also known as the Fluvial Station, was built in 1912 according to the plans of the architect Petre Antonescu.
       The  modern history of Romanian internal means of transport  on water begins with the founding of Romanian Fluvial Navigation Company from Galatz as a public company in 1890.

       Galatz has  become an important cultural centre. Museums, theatres and other cultural sites can be visited at Galatz.
The City Park was created in 1889. Mihai Eminescu's statue, the work of the sculptor Frederic Storck, was placed here. It was unveiled on the 16th of October 1911.
The Public Garden was created by the townhall in 1861.
       Thanks to the actress Fani Tardini (1823-1908) the taste for theatre was spread and maintained in Galatz between 1865-1900.
       Galatz was considered the provincial town with the best theatre audience after the capitals Bucharest and last because of the large number of spectators present at the performances of companies on tour or at the numerous theatrical seasons initiated by Fani Tardini. A century ago, in 1955 The Dramatic Theatre was opened in Galatz. Today it is called The Drama Theatre "Fani Tardini". The people working in The Drama Theatre "Fani Tardini" from Galatz initiated an international comedy festival called "Festingal", a well-known event which takes place every year.
       Nae Leonard, "the prince of the  operetta", was born in Galatz on the 13th of December 1886. The first performance he gave in his hometown was in October 1907, with the "Grigoriu Company", which he was a member of.
       The famous summer gardens from Galatz, which hosted performances of music of operetta and variety art given by house-hold-name companies from Bucharest, lasi, Greece, Italy, created an audience eagerto have its own lyrical theatre. In 1954 a musical ensemble was formed and it was made up of amateur artists. In 1956 the professional company with the name of The Theatre of Operetta and Variety Art from Galatz county was formed. In 1958 it was simplified to The Musical Theatre and today it is called The Musical Theatre "Nae Leonard".

       The Visual Arts Museum in Galatz was created in the year 1956 (The Romanian Contemporary Art Museum) in the building of the old Episcopal Palace hallowed on the 8th of September 1901. The museum started out with a collection of 148 works of art belonging to Romanian artists from all periods of time. Now, it co-operates with other similar institutions from our country and from other countries and it takes part in programmes for the affirmation of Romanian art.